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Albanie and Raihanah-2

There was a father
he loved his children
he worked day and night
to make their future certain
They needed to have wealth
so he believed
that they would not suffer the poverty
of his own childhood.

His children asked for toys and treats
“there’s no money,” he always complained,
“for rainy days, they have been saved.”
There was no time together
no movies, no restaurants
family time was nothing
but silly maudlin wants.

The children asked for his affection
he could not spare a hug
such a display of weakness
was not a father’s job.
Tenderness had no use
but to spoil a child
so he spared the carrots
and doled out the rod.

He would give them education
a roof over their head
a successful (rich) future
they would have what they need
that was enough
so he believed.

There is a father
living in a big house, all alone
Now he has the means
and he has the time
to satisfy the desires of his children.
the sons and daughters are now all gone
raising children of their own
making sure the latter have the life
they have never known.

Father and children
what bonds hold them
apart from duty and blood?
Could they look back in time
then find love?

by : Imelda

A poem for myself – A father

Hear its silent…

DUsk Over The Lake

Listen to the sunset,
Hear its silent sigh
As it falls down the horizon
Warning, the moon is nigh

Listen to the sunset
Hear its silent threat
That darkness will be upon us
It makes everyone upset

Listen to the sunset
The vanity of its words
How beautiful this sunset is
With its colour, and birds

Listen to the sunset
See its pretty hue
But I cant enjoy the sunset
If I am not with you

All the pretty colours are meaningless
So are the birds, and the sounds
Because it all means nothing to me
If you are not around

Just remember this though,
Promise you wont forget,
Even if your far away,
We’ll be watching the same sunset

So listen to the sunset
Enjoy its beauty true
When you see it, think of me
And I will think of you

~~ Katniss Everdeen ~~


Dusk Over the City

Across the roof-tops of the town

I saw the flaming sun go down;
For some, another day of tears
Lay buried in the hurrying years.

The shadows folded; here and there
A yellow light began to flare.
For some, another golden day
Of gladness sped upon its way.

Charles Hanson

Travel Theme : Silhouette

The sun sets across the horizon 
The shadows grew 
Mesmerized by the colors 
The yellow and orange hues 

As the sun lays down

As I stared out my window

The silhouette fill the empty night

Still, calm & peacefull

If I could 

I will take my paint brush

And I will paint the wonderful of you

The rainbow in the sunset



Sunday Morning

the air is so fresh & warm

the sun shine like a jewel

a great day to share


Dedicated to Ailsa for the Silhouette Travel Theme