Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

The rain poured the earth that night,  brought me hope to the the next day that it might be a nice day to capture some interesting things,

In the next morning, I cheered up my son, grabbed my camera and just walked around my house & neighbors to find out some of shapes or rhythms that make up the geometry while the sun shine was warming up the day

And I’m glad that almost all of the pictures captured are showing the “nature-type geometry”… hope it suits this week photo challenge

Pineapple leaves … this is how it looks like from top..

One of my favorite spot…the road light, it was built around 90’s

I found this beautiful lotus flower just right in time when she starts to bloom…it’s beautiful, isn’t it?

It looks like a fur ball for me..^_^ I guess

A bunch of “pentagon flower”.. with a big black dot – shape bugs hover on top of it

Abandoned pendulum…another shape that still remains at abandoned playground

Weekly Photo Challenge : Contrast

Imagine that only two colors exist in this world….black and white

Shades of black and grey outside my window are become stronger as the sun starting to sink in the stillness of night.

I may prefer to have conversation with raindrops as they glance off the window pane.

And I would say to them ….can you help me paint the world and show me the rainbow.?

Because I miss my gloomy sunset

Can I have my blue color to paint the sky

Can I have green just to help me to comprehend my feelings about peace? 

Because I need the reason to wait the Rain pouring my flowers next season

And because I have promise to my wife & son to tell them the story of colorful life

 But the sky stares at me quietly…

And says … I’m not even always blue

And clouds aren’t always white

And Trees aren’t always green

Look deep inside your heartwhere the colorful life is living and  stay in there

I lowered my Head

……….And I think of Myself what a wonderful world



Java Island

ca 2012