Dusk Over the City

Across the roof-tops of the town

I saw the flaming sun go down;
For some, another day of tears
Lay buried in the hurrying years.

The shadows folded; here and there
A yellow light began to flare.
For some, another golden day
Of gladness sped upon its way.

Charles Hanson

Weekly Photo Challenge – Down

My Head is spinning around when I know that the challenge is “Down”. It’s just not because the theme which is quite challenging for me because I haven’t enough time just to go outside bring my camera and take pictures.  I’m really down – literally in the last 7 days,  with though schedule of my project, dealing with uncertainty, my son just went to school for the first time and other things that spent much energy. I’m mentally & physically exhausted. However, I just made it to find good photos, …….I guess. I hope the situation will get better soon.

This is what you  see when you are up in the sky. The pictures were taken over Java Island.

through the window….

Monas from the sky

What you see down there?…It’s Jakarta

Over West Java Northern Coast

Northern coast of Central Java

Behind the wing…


Friday …… Again..??!!