This is (NOT) The Last Sunrise

There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well.

By : Nicholas Sparks






The Photos were taken just a few days ago during family vacation… After such long “hard time” in 2017 and finally I can enjoy those beautiful moments with my parents and my family.

This is not the last sun rise in 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge : Perspective

Nothing more tempting than just awaiting the sun sets while holding your camera pointing to bright yellow – red & shiny spot above the horizon. As Jeff Sinon said “Mother Nature does all the hard work, I’m just there to point my camera at it” , – his statement absolutely correct especially for amateur like me :D.

I decided to go to the nearest traditional port  at my Hometown Situbondo, just brought my standard gear, as I had no plan at all to take any picture that day. But I changed my mind when I saw 2 boats berthed for loading – unloading with the sun sparkling in between. Until I found perfect spot to take pictures.

I was playing around with my standard lens Canon 18-55 to take 2 different perspective of the sunset scene by adjusting the focal length. To manipulate the perspective, I compress the scene by choosing the fishing ship near by as the “foreground  actor”. If I see below picture, my eyes are agitated to focus to the fishing ship in the right and then move the left where the sun starts to set. The picture tells to me the story of the fishing boat – loneliness – peacefulness – the spirit of the local fishermen

Gloomy Sunset

Then it goes different, when I add some elements in the foreground (rocks) & background (small boats in the background, little part of the mountain while maintaining the shiny spots as the main actor). I sense more strong emotion blow from inside of me and then I feel  amazed & feel lonely. And I believe there’s only one Creator, make this things so beautiful, Allah almighty, and again it makes me so small.

before dawn at kalbut port



Loneliness adds beauty to life.  It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night  air smell better.

– Henry Rollins –