Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

The rain poured the earth that night,  brought me hope to the the next day that it might be a nice day to capture some interesting things,

In the next morning, I cheered up my son, grabbed my camera and just walked around my house & neighbors to find out some of shapes or rhythms that make up the geometry while the sun shine was warming up the day

And I’m glad that almost all of the pictures captured are showing the “nature-type geometry”… hope it suits this week photo challenge

Pineapple leaves … this is how it looks like from top..

One of my favorite spot…the road light, it was built around 90’s

I found this beautiful lotus flower just right in time when she starts to bloom…it’s beautiful, isn’t it?

It looks like a fur ball for me..^_^ I guess

A bunch of “pentagon flower”.. with a big black dot – shape bugs hover on top of it

Abandoned pendulum…another shape that still remains at abandoned playground

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

      • semuanya sih baguuss mass…tpi pas yg terakhir rasa ada kemistri aja hihi *apasih
        wah malu saya mas…saya cuma pake kmera odong2 😀

      • klo di dunia fotografi jika seseorang dengan kamera odong-odong aja bisa bikin foto “berbicara” maka ketika dia memakai kamera “roller coaster” maka foto itu akan berteriak & bercerita banyak…^_^, aku suka yang silhouette itu..dengan matahari bersinar di atas orang dan background nya orang lagi duduk di balik jendela…cool..

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