On The Wings of Butterfly

Just remember the past time….

When the wind just flowing on my head and the sand on my feet

When I just run a way…running for the stars in the unlimited sky

When I can share the sunshine & rainbow ….. climb the hill down to the river

I thought it was an endless way…where the memories lies behind

Until I realize that somebody will take my way…fix our way

When the time is right

When you have fully grown

And you wont stop asking why

I knew everything will not gonna be the same again

But I lay my dream on you

When the time is right

Then my dream and your dream will take flight

On the wings of the butterfly

Someday ….

Whenever you sad and need to ease the pain

Take my hand and follow me

Take my hand and trust me

Don’t forget us

We may weak and old

Seize my word and listen well

Then we stay still to tell

To release your pain and …

I swear to God

I will give the best hug

Make this world

a better place for them…

Our Children


A poem by : 

Abu Albanie

Dedicated to all Children in the world


Saturday Morning

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