Word Press “Versatile Blogger” Award Nomination

Last week I got notification that make me smile, ..and for the first time..and finally I was nominated by Rick Diffley for “Versatile Bloger Award”. His website is here http://www.rickdiffleyphotography.com/ As the beginner in photography, absolutely this is a great honor for me to be nominated from the expert.

Rick photographs are stunning especially for the macro. He also very kind and open minded photographer to share any photography tips, it’s very nice to know with him.

Actually this is my first time to be nominated since I was blogger in 2010. What a  surprise and great compliment for me. Thank you so much for Rick for doing this.

What is the Award?  Refer to Rick, the award is about to introduce bloggers to each other and to promote quality blogs that the awardees and their readers might not been discovered otherwise.”

“Versatile Blogger” Award Rules:  

  1. Post a picture of the award – above
  2. Thank the award giver – above
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself – below
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers about this and tell them by leaving comments on their blog – below

1. Sonel – http://sonelscorner.wordpress.com/

2. Gerry – http://cobbies69.wordpress.com/

3. Idha – http://belajaryukss.wordpress.com/

4. Angki – http://angki.wordpress.com/

5. Dhenok Habibie- http://gamazoe.wordpress.com/

6. Olivia O’brien – http://ayearinmyshoes.wordpress.com/

7. Cris – https://fstopfantasy.wordpress.com/

8. Cedric de Alicoque – http://implicado.wordpress.com/

9. LJ – http://ladangjiwa.com/

10. Cee Neuner – http://www.redbubble.com/people/ceephotoart

11. Monda Siregar – http://mondasiregar.wordpress.com/

12. Rindrianie – http://rindrianie.wordpress.com/

13. Michael – http://2e0mca.wordpress.com/

14. Mr. B – http://thismansjourney.net/

15. Mike Hardisty – http://mikehardisty.wordpress.com/

Tell your readers seven things about yourself:

  • I do really love my parents
  • I love my family
  • I love to read Islamic book and never want to stop learning
  • I enjoy Photography
  • I enjoy Riding my “Mongoose” bike every weekend for stress release …LOL
  • I love my wife’s cooking.
  • I enjoy sharing knowledge to others about photography.
  • I enjoy reading History book.

19 thoughts on “Word Press “Versatile Blogger” Award Nomination

  1. Awwww..now that is just too sweet of you Hendra! Thank you so much for thinking of me and I am honoured. Congrats on receiving the award. It’s well deserved my friend. 🙂

  2. Thank you for nominating my blog, f-stop fantasy for The Versatile Blogger Award. I’m honored that you would think so highly of my photography blog. I’ll do my best to live up to that honor. Thank you, again.

  3. Thank you Hendra for considering me and being part of my world of blog.congrats to you, you and your site is well deserved. I d not know what happens even though have gotten the award already. How ever I am honoured for your thoughts. 😉

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  5. Mas Hendra, makasih banyak yah ‘award’nya.. Padahal blogku yg diwordpress masih baby banget, pas dapat award-nya bru sebulan malah umurnya, hehehe… sekali lagi makasih mas ;), keep posting and keep jepret!

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  7. Assalamu’alaikum Hendra, sabtu kemarin udh sampai kok pesan award-nya, tapi aku binun kudu gmn nampilinnya, jd msh tertunda qiqiqiqi… tengkyu eniwey ya ^-^

  8. Congratulations. Thank you for sharing your blessing. It’s an honor to receive an award from another talented blogger that inspires a lot of people. I wish you all the best. The world is brighter because of people like you. Keep up the amazing work.

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