Weekly Photo Challenge : Indulge

You know….there are two things that have successfully indulged me….food and morning haze. I remember when I came back  from my duty somewhere in the jungle for long period where I can’t get indulgence of a home made menus; my wife surprisingly served me with an indulgent treats of welcoming dishes. She always took some picture of her masterpieces and looking for feedback for her food taste & presentation.  It always happen every single time whenever she successfully cook for the new recipes.  I couldn’t afford to hold back my appetite. So here a few shots she indulged in taking

Bon Appetit…!!

All of those indulging foods become perfectly match once I taste it in spring time when I’ve much time to spend, feel the morning fresh air, watch the flowers in bloom, watch the bugs harvesting the pollen,  sit in my garden with my family, tell a story of our lives…..observing the the water droplets which have just grown at the edge of the curvy petals. What a breathtaking moment that I love to be indulged with.

32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Indulge

  1. Wow! I’ve looked at a tremendous amount of food photos during this Indulge-challenge, but this one really makes me very hungry … Those yellow pastries with red cherries on top — they look in particularly yummy! 🙂

    Gorgeous flowers!

  2. Kayaknya musti sedia ember di kolom bawah. Biar iler2 yg mupeng ni kue pada tertampung! Hehehe… Emang segitu parahnya yak kagak ada orang Indonesia yg ikutan Weekly Post Challenge? Hm… 😕

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