Weekly Photo Challenge : Regret

Below pictures were taken a month before my grandma passed away. I visited my hometown in Situbondo for vacation, and I didn’t want to miss my chance to visit new port which was built by local government. I used to  watch the sun sets in Panarukan Port, just to wait the egrets flew over the fisherman village heading west toward Ringgit mountain.

I felt so lonely & peaceful that day.

I was not realize that those days were the last time I saw her smile. I do regret more than I admit that I couldn’t buy time a bit longer just wanted to hear her story again even a minute…and I’d say I love her so much … we are loving her so much…and say sorry that I might not be the best grand son for her.  To God we belong and to God is our return





© Alice Wyndham

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Regret

  1. Beautiful photos. the words were so moving, full of heart and longing. Sorry to hear about your grandma. Where ever she , she is smiling at you now, knowing she was well loved. I didn’t see my grandma too before she passed away. It was a sad loss for all of us. Life sometimes is never fair, we just need to make the most of what it offers…

    • Thank you for the wonderful comment, really appreciate for the positive. I’ll never forget her. I like your post about your family….you are blessed by having them who are loving you and you and you are such great father by giving endless love to them. ^_^

  2. I feel for you. Failing to spend time with a loved one is one regretful action. I too lost a loved at such an unexpected moment and it took me a quite sometime to recover from what the if’s and what could have been.

    • Thanks Mila for sharing your thought with me….really appreciate that. we have lived regretting the past and we have successfully face with that quite sometimes. Sometimes something happened beyond our control…but that’s live, we have to move forward. For me regretting is a way that bring our life back to the the past and not look to the future

  3. Great photographs with really beautiful words. This post is full of emotion great job with this post.
    Sorry to hear about your Grandma. Her blessings will always be with you.

  4. The sunset is really beautiful and the post is just so moving. I can feel the longing in your heart but God has sent this beautiful scenery to comfort you in your time of loneliness.

  5. Beautiful entry. So sorry about the passing of your grandmother. I lost my parents and grandparents much too soon in my life. I miss them very much so I know how you feel. Stay positive and keep moving forward.

  6. I’m with you there. I never got to know my paternal grandmother because she died giving birth to twins when my dad was 16. The last I saw of my maternal grandmother was when I was 2½ years old. You’re fortunate to have known your grandmother. Hold on to that . . . and move on. True love never dies; it lingers on and on and on.

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