That Night…..

This week is so though. So many works to do, but that’s not the big deal in my life. Work is important but not the most important thing in the world. I’m trying so hard to pull that “9 hours working time” memories out of my head.

Some day I went home late. My little son was cheering me up when I opened the door quietly. It’s difficult to comprehend this feeling, when I saw my son’s face, laughing at me, hug me and took my hand with his bare hand, asked me to play with him.

The night was so quite….I made a cup of hot tea and sat at terrace for reading a few pages of my book. The stars were bright and the moon looked so perfect. I lifted my head …. watched the bright moon.  it was so perfect, even I was able to see the “halo” clearly. Thinking what would happen the next day until the cup was empty. I lowered my head and realized that I’m still blessed by having you …. My wife, my son…my family.


I’m here….still at my office

It’s Thursday night

I can see the sun sets from here…12th floor building B

BP Office


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