The Story of the Orchid Flowers


As the warm sun ray of light smiling on me….

I saw you in bloom

Thank to Allah ‘azza wajalla who creates you

Day after day just running fast and I’ve never realized how beautiful you are

But you are still there…

Wait for me just to stare at you..calmly

 You hold your last curvy petal


Until too late for me to just realize how beautiful you are

But your story has never dies

Because every man had a dream of you

A man who want to make a pleasant gift for his wife

With the beauty of you


Beautiful orchids

Let me see you again

Even for the last time

See you bloom


Just as I wonder

whether it’s going to die,

the orchid blossoms

and I can’t explain why

it moves my heart, why such pleasure


comes from one small bud

on a long spindly stem, one

blood red gold flower

opening at mid-summer,

tiny, perfect in its hour.

Even to a white-haired craggy poet,

it’s purely erotic,


pistil and stamen, pollen,

dew of the world, a spoonful

of earth, and water.

Erotic because there’s death

at the heart of birth,

drama in those old sunrise

prisms in wet cedar boughs,

deepest mystery

in washing evening dishes

or teasing my wife,

who grows, yes, more beautiful

because one of us will die.


The Orchid Poem by Sam Hill

Dedicated for my Wife Ummu Albanie

Now I realize why Women love flowers to death


Gema Pesona

Beautiful Friday Morning

and it’s a Holiday


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